Instagram – True Love Story

So I caught up with these totally awesome lovebirds Jade & Natasha recently to capture their engagement story and Jade sent me the following tale. I tried to re write it but I felt it didn’t do the story any justice. SO Buckle UP, it’s a True Love Story!!!

Markham0788 8x10‘Ping’… Another notification.

I check my Instagram, and immediately I smile and get butterflies in my stomach.
It’s kermit_12 again. Wow this woman is Hot!!!This had been going on for around 4 months, the back and forth of mutual Instagram likes between two strangers.
Myself, Jade, being the dubious type, who never imagined someone this stunning would be a ‘real’ human being, let alone be liking my Instagram photos, or showing interest in my profile.And Natasha, being the persistent type claims she always knew the day would come when finally met.
So after 4 months of mutual ‘insta stalking’ haha, I finally plucked up the courage to send Natasha a direct message about a quote she had posted.
It read… ‘ no relationship was a waste of time, if it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you want you don’t want’
After both coming out of relationships the previous year, this quote seemed to provoke a positive understanding of some difficult times we had both been through.
So the conversations finally started and we got on like a house on fire. At first it was just online messaging but quickly it moved onto phone calls until one day I decided i wanted to meet Natasha in person.
Not wanting to seem too eager, and still trying to play it cool, I ‘orchestrated’ a potential meet point. As I was working all over the country, I had a meeting approximately 1 hour from where Natasha lived, so conveniently I arranged to have my work book me a hotel around the corner from where she lived. (Stalkerish it sounds haha but it was meant to be romantic).
That afternoon I call Natasha as said I ‘happened to be in the area for the evening and did she fancy meeting up for a drink and a bite to eat’?
She said Yes, so that was it, the time had finally come, we were both going to put a real life face to the social media, calls, and texts.
Markham IMG_0709
I hurried back to my hotel after my meeting, had a quick shower, re did my make up and went down to the bar and ordered 2 G&Ts while I waited for her to arrived.
Natasha turned up around 20 mins later and from the first instance I was in Love.
She looked even more amazing in real life.
It’s funny, you always hear that saying- love at first sight, but until this moment I never realised it was really possible, I was hooked.
We had a few drinks in the hotel bar and ventured out for some food.
Both living, and being from England we wanted to give something new a try and we stumbled across an Australian style restaurant and thought this would be fun so went on there. We drank cocktails all evening, and tried every delicacy they had to offer- kangaroo, and crocodile it was. We laughed so much all evening and there wasn’t a seconds silence between us, it was as though we had known each other our whole lives. Every few minutes there was this intense look between us, it’s was completely mutual, the smiles, the eyes, we were both giving everything away.
Markham IMG_0636
Then Natasha dropped a bombshell!!!
She told me she was moving to Australia in 6 weeks to go traveling for at least a year.
I couldn’t believe it, I’d met someone who sent tingles down my spine, who I couldn’t get out of my mind, who when I finally met in person and feel deeply for, and now she was going traveling indefinitely.
Inside I was gutted, but of course on the outside I told her how cool that sounded and I bet she was so excited and she couldn’t wait.
We left that evening giving each other a kiss and saying we would speak soon.
Markham IMG_0510
I went back to the hotel and my emotions were all over the place, I had an amazing night, it was incredible, but I knew I had to push back on my feelings and pretend they weren’t as strong as they were so to not get hurt when she was going away.
I told myself I was going to not speak or see her as much to try and make the inevitable easier.
Natasha left the restaurant and went home, however her first thought was …. ‘I’m going to marry that girl!’  But how am I going to get her to Australia with me.
Well my plan failed miserably as I couldn’t not speak to Natasha, she had consumed my mind and so every day I was falling further.
It was less that 2 weeks later that Natasha, and I were out for dinner and she had said she had got a gift for me.  She then took out this little black cotton bag, and said ‘there you go, it’s a bag of happiness’
Inside there were several items,
A plaster, a love heart sweet, a piece of string, a rubber, a plastic diamond, a marble, a kidney bean, a coin, a Paperclip, and a piece of paper with her lipstick Kiss on it. With this note….
A PLASTER to heal you when you hurt, a LOVE HEART so you know someone loves you, STRING to hold it together in tough times, a RUBBER to erase those little mistakes you make, a DIAMOND to bring a sparkle to your eye, a MARBLE for when you start losing yours, a LUCKY BEAN so you always have luck on your side, a COIN so you are never completely broke, a STAR to wish all your wishes upon, a PAPERCLIP so you are always organised, and a KISS for when you are feeling down.
Never in my life had I received something so thoughtful, and then she went out and said it…
Jade will you come to Australia with me’
I immediately told her it that it was ludicrous as I had my own place, a good job, family friends etc, and I couldn’t just get up and leave with a girl id met 3 weeks before to move to the other side of the world.
Natasha response was- ‘why not?’
For the first time in my life I had no response so I said alright then, I’ll come but on 1 condition, you need to get to 100 points in the next week and if you reach it I’ll come with you, and if not I won’t.
Markham IMG_0458Markham IMG_0561
So it started with a home cooked meal. My favourite-Steak, dauphinoise potatoes, pepper sauce and all the trimming … She smashed it. 20 points
A full rendition of a Celine Dion song recorded and sent to me. 15 points
A few other ones in there too – LOTS OF POINTS!!
 100/100 she did it.
As a woman of my word that was the deal done!
The next day I resigned at work, handed in the notice on my flat, and started to prepare to sell everything I own before packing up and joining Natasha backpacking around Australia.
The following week Natasha flew out to Perth and left me for 3 weeks to finish everything off back in the UK I needed to. The next thing I new I was on a 22 hour flight to Australia to go traveling with a girl I’d met just 7 weeks before. It was crazy but I LOVED IT.
So it’s been 16 months and we have visited 6 counties together, seen and experienced the most incredible things, have lived our life’s like most people could only ever dream of  and there hasn’t been 1 day either of us have have ever looked back.
We both have been on cloud 9 since the day we met and our love continues to grow each and every day.
Markham IMG_0470
From the minute we met, Natasha knew I was going to become her wife, and after just over a year together she made me the happiest person alive by popping the question. She had made sure she met my traditional ways by asking my parents permission before and then she popped the question.
It was a Friday evening and Natasha had just cooked me my favourite dinner- Steak, dauphinoise potatoes, pepper sauce and all the trimmings. The first meal she ever cooked me. We were sat eating listening to music, having a few drinks and reminiscing over our travels so far and planning the next big adventure.
Out of nowhere Natasha got down on one knee and proceed to tell me how much she loved me and that she knew from the moment she met me, she wanted me to be her wife, and would I do her the honour of spending the rest of our lives together.
Will you Marry me!
 Of course my response was Yes.a few tears of overwhelming joy and then lots of celebrations, drinks, dancing round the house and just being us. It was perfect.
We will travel back to the UK after being away for nearly 2 years late next year and finally we will properly meet each others family and friends before tying the knot in France.
Sometimes we are in complete ore of our story. It really has been a fairy tale. Who knew that something as small as liking a picture on Instagram would lead us to finding our true soulmate. We are both so thankful for every moment we have shared together, and cannot wait to continue to fulfill all of our dreams together, hand in hand.
Markham IMG_0824Markham0611Markham IMG_0661Markham IMG_0696Markham IMG_0643Markham IMG_0603Markham0740

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