With This Ring..

My book “Will You Marry Me?” has had such a great response so far I thought I would share some images from some of the couples sessions. This is just a hand full  of those that are involved in this cool project. I have put a link at the bottom of this post of how you too can be a part of this book. There are a still spots available and I’m hoping to close off soon, so if you have entered your details at the website, please check your email for details on how to take next steps. The proposal stories that are coming through are all very different, unique and awesome, but those will have to wait until the book is launched for you to read them.

Domaille IMG_2528Howard0986Pigdon IMG_0640

Arnold proposed for Jacob with this “Will You Marry My Daddy?” Tag on his collar

Redford IMG_0398Cianciosi IMG_0223Delia IMG_1676Johnston0981Worthington0234 11x14Vourgaslis IMG_0981Teo IMG_0117Mitchell IMG_0274Marshall IMG_2030Cameron IMG_0869

Check out how you can be part of this awesome book by clicking the link below


Get in fast as there are not many positions left.

Until next time, keep being awesome




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