5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Album

Hey Guys… you won’t want to miss this! I’m asking the age-old question and answering it once and for all:

“Do I need a wedding album?”

YES. Yes, you do.

Read on to find out the five reasons why you need a wedding album and score a super-special limited time offer…!

Tammika   Brodie Wedding Album1428nl

Let me start by saying that I offer all my clients a digital only package, but more and more couples are investing in high quality, handmade, custom designed wedding albums. About 85% of my clients now get me to design a kick ass album telling their awesome wedding day story, with 100% of them loving the final wedding album design.

You’ve spent many, many months planning the biggest day of your life. Yes, weddings can get expensive, but one funny place brides decide to cut back on is their wedding album. Why? Modern technology now lends itself to more do-it-yourself approaches, but nothing beats a high-quality handmade and custom designed wedding album. It’s true. I have heard and had couples who decided to design and print their own album from a large print warehouse online and realized photo bleeding and poor binding quality resulting in their books falling apart after not very long, and they write to me with regret about not getting a custom made designer album. Don’t fall into the same trap these guys have, make your investment today.


Reason 1. You Won’t Always Remember It Like It Was Yesterday

Right now as you plan your wedding, every little detail is memorable. You remember every detail of the visit to your venue, the multiple dress fittings, DIYing 100+ wedding gifts for your guests, selecting the playlist, and more. Naturally, you assume the wedding day will be even more memorable with even more details to remember. Hey, since you’re there to remember it, what’s the point of spending money on an album? That one’s easy: You won’t always remember it like it was yesterday. And, someday, you’ll be so happy/relieved/thankful to have a visual album to revel in on your 50th anniversary. (And when you have kids, they’ll be asking to see it.)


Reason 2. CDs + USBs Are Easy To Lose (+ Your Computer Could Explode)

Unless you make backups, double backups, and store a set in a fireproof, waterproof case, you risk the chance you could lose the digital copies. CDs can even fade over time! Yikes! Plus, there’s always a pretty good chance your computer could explode. (Maybe it won’t explode, but it certainly sounds more exiting than being infected with malware, yes?) Don’t let those files sit on a computer for years. Make a plan to have them printed in a killer wedding album pronto.


Reason 3. Technology Changes Quickly

Remember VHS? So quickly those humongous video tapes turned into sleek, high-quality DVDs. There’s always a new, hot, exciting technology advance right around the corner… get those photos printed right away so you don’t have to transfer photos from DVDs to USB to an app for your mobile device.


Reason 4. People Want to See ALL The Photos

In the weeks following your wedding and for months afterward, everyone and their next door neighbor  will want to see photos from the big day. Why have everyone hover over your computer viewing digital copies? Lame. Instead, impress them with a gorgeous handmade, custom designed leather or hardcover bound album to flip through.

Reason 5. If Not Now, When?

Self-explanatory: if not immediately following your wedding day, when will you order a wedding album? Things come up in life, and you don’t want to look back and wish you had printed it back in the day. Do it!
It is a investment for all your families generations

Donnini AlbumA

To view 2 awesome album designs click on the links below



If you got tied the knot a few years ago, but never made a wedding album, it’s not too late. Alternatively, if you want an album made immediately after the big day, it’s a great time to get started NOW.

So here’s the special offer, up until June 30th 2016 get a custom designed wedding album from $800(saving $200) this offer is available past or any existing client yet to decide on their wedding album or any new booking before June 30th.

To find out more about this offer please email at mike@mikesemple.com.au

Until next time, stay safe

Mike Semple

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