So I am putting a book together called “Will You Marry Me?” and I am looking for engaged couples who are willing to share with the world, their story. The how they met, how he went about proposing, and how each of them felt leading up, during and after he asked?

I have been a wedding and portrait photographer for around 18 years now, and the one things I love hearing is how couples came together, whether it be through mutual friends, or a chance hook up on a night out, or if social media had anything to do with it.

I have heard some pretty cool proposal stories over the years with one couple while on holidays in Europe At Lake Bled, Slovenia. With the proposal in mind, Trent thought it would be romantic to row Caitlin out to the little island church. Caitlin thought it would be an appropriate time to instruct him how to row. It wasn’t and the the idea of proposing took a step back. With tired arms from the row and nerves of the impending proposal twitching, Trent asked Caitlin to walk ahead on a single lane path as he fumbles for the ring on the walk to the church. Caitlin found every opportunity to turn around and the proposal took a second step back. After a ten minute breather, Trent finds the courage and asks Caitlin if there’s anyone else she’d rather be at this picturesque location with. Caitlin immediately suggests her horse and tries to plan the best way to get him across the lake. A third step back. A second attempt in the church occurs as Trent says ‘I know of someone else I’d rather be here with’. ‘Who? God’ Caitlin replies smartly. A fourth step back is contemplated before Trent thinks ‘now or never’. ‘No you goose, my fiancée’ as he gets down on one knee to ask her hand in marriage. Stories differ here between Caitlin and Trent but Caitlin’s next words were. Trent – ‘Have you got a ring?’ Caitlin – ‘Oh you’ve got a ring!’ After a bit of laughter and apologies to the almighty for swearing in a church Caitlin accepts.

So if your story is a great one or a funny or romantic one in every possible way please head over to the registration page at the link below and leave your details, and I will be in contact with you soon.


Cassie and BrennanSarah & HowardNatasha & JadeLauren & Brayden

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