Amanda and Aaron Rock Out A Backyard Wedding With Family, Friends and Pizza

At 2:30pm in rocked 40 pizza’s of many varieties for all to share and the party was well under way. This is how Amanda and Aaron had planned their home wedding with about 100 of their close family and friends in Doreen.

The day was perfect in every way for this couple with their 3 kids as their Groomsboys & Bridesgirl. A small home wedding was just what this couple ordered with a short ceremony by Fiona Garrivan as celebrant, the couple tied the knot. With the couple doing their bridal waltz on the lawn in the middle of the backyard surrounded by loved ones,  it wasn’t long before everyone had joined in kicking their heels up.

So here is a few of the highlights from the day.

Fitzpatrick IMG_0017

Fitzpatrick IMG_0003

Fitzpatrick IMG_0532

Fitzpatrick IMG_0506

Fitzpatrick IMG_0005

Fitzpatrick IMG_0060

Fitzpatrick IMG_0015

Fitzpatrick IMG_0025

Fitzpatrick IMG_0028

Fitzpatrick IMG_0054

Fitzpatrick IMG_0059

Fitzpatrick IMG_0045

Fitzpatrick IMG_0061

Fitzpatrick IMG_0065

Fitzpatrick IMG_0080

Fitzpatrick IMG_0090

Fitzpatrick IMG_0093

Fitzpatrick IMG_0102

Fitzpatrick IMG_0113

Fitzpatrick IMG_0120

Fitzpatrick IMG_0121

Fitzpatrick IMG_0160

Fitzpatrick IMG_0122

Fitzpatrick IMG_0198

Fitzpatrick IMG_0215

Fitzpatrick IMG_0216

Fitzpatrick IMG_0235

Fitzpatrick IMG_0662

Fitzpatrick IMG_0673

Fitzpatrick IMG_0686

Fitzpatrick IMG_0689

Fitzpatrick IMG_0685

Fitzpatrick IMG_0467

Fitzpatrick IMG_0462

Fitzpatrick IMG_0537

Fitzpatrick IMG_0512

Fitzpatrick IMG_0542

Fitzpatrick IMG_0481

Fitzpatrick IMG_0495

Fitzpatrick IMG_0297

Fitzpatrick IMG_0272

Fitzpatrick IMG_0263

Fitzpatrick IMG_0354

Fitzpatrick IMG_0323

Fitzpatrick IMG_0339

Fitzpatrick IMG_0394

Fitzpatrick IMG_0450

Fitzpatrick IMG_0389

Fitzpatrick IMG_0411

Fitzpatrick IMG_0364

Fitzpatrick IMG_0437



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